Wednesday, November 28, 2012

On the Desire to Live Simply (Gift #55)

Gift #55:  Desire to live simply...

Simplicity.  I had been toiling to identify it.  I had been grasping for it but only retrieving sand, lingering only for a moment, then slipping right through my fingers.

How can I live in a manner worthy of the gospel?  How can I encourage my family to set aside distractions in order to focus on the cross?  How can I care for my body and soul the way I should?

I have been pursuing simplicity yet not knowing it.  Not knowing how to hold on to it in such a way as to make it habitual, to make it stay, lodging in our hearts and souls.

Attempts at simplicity have constituted appeals from me to my husband that we ditch the t.v. and computers, move to a house in the country, or retire in the Himalayan mountains (though we are still a long way off from retirement).  I have also attempted to oust as many unused toys and knick knacks as possible (actually a rather easy task with as many moves as we have made in the last few years).  And controlling our food intake is yet another repeated pursuit.

But these things were just sand.  They have not produced a habit of simplicity.

Then, I read this:
"... our mindset on what we bring into our home... what we give value is and has to be changing.   As with our mindset on what we put into our bodies... what we put in our house reflects in how we live."
And it unfolded within my heart: To establish simplicity, we must continually ask ourselves, "Is this - this bite of food, this new thing, this toy, this desire - is it what I want to take into myself - my home or my body?  It emulates what we value.  Does it resound the name of Christ?"

If not, let it pass.  If so, invite it, welcome it, and let it enhearten and fortify you for the glory of the Lord.


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