Friday, November 9, 2012

On My Gift List

Before I began reading "One Thousand Gifts"- before the book was even written - I read Ann Voskamp's blog. It's one of those places I go and know I will leave encouraged, refreshed, renewed.

I have made several attempts to keep a list of gifts. I have three different journals where my lists have been started to only later be abandoned. Maybe it's because we have moved three times in the last 8 months. Or maybe it's because I have four children to tend to. Whatever the reason, I have been inconsistent with this list making. Yet, this list is the exact list that I should be most committed to. I have seen the difference that searching and looking deep for His gifts have made in the joy I feel.

So I try again. Only this time my list is held in a different medium. Ann has kindly and freely provided an app for those of us who wish to keep our list on our digital devices. I've always considered myself more of an old fashioned paper and pen kinda gal. But this is one of those times - like keeping a calendar on my phone - when it is much more helpful for me to have this list in a digital format.

And I'd like to share my list here. It seems one of the more effective ways to seek to glorify God - by sharing my list rather than keeping His gifts - the ones I've noticed - all to myself. No. I think it is much more glorifying to share His gifts here - for those who wish to see the goodness He gives me. Perhaps you will see His goodness in your life too.

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  1. I read her blog too and find it so incredibly refreshing! And also, like you, have a gift list, one that I haven't visited in awhile. Thanks for the reminder to get back at it! Blessings!


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