Friday, December 21, 2012

On Gift #77 - Simple Gifts Amidst the Chaos

There is an ache in my heart for simplicity, a longing for my children to appreciate beauty in the smallest joys. We are in a season of change which entails long hours where I feel as if I am neglecting my children to pack boxes, fill trunks, sort out the unneeded or what just won't fit into luggage bound for South Asia.

There are moments amidst the chaos that I cherish, want to remember, and I give thanks.

Sugar plum, sleepy eyes, just waking, in my arms whispering words to song, "Christmas is such a happy time."
Sweet Pea raising purple toy asking, "Can we give this to another child to enjoy?"
Little Pumpkin hoping for snow. 
Little Boy delighting in the simple, yellow balloon. 


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