Saturday, December 1, 2012

On Our Trip to the Harn Homestead

As we are wrapping up our time in the US before heading back to South Asia, we have chosen a few key places nearby that we plan to visit.

Yesterday, we took a trip to the Harn Homestead, the home of William Harn.  From our tour, we learned that Mr. Harn purchased the land for $275.  It had been a disputed property, one that Mr. Harn himself handled as a claims adjustor.  The land was claimed by two different people during the Oklahoma Land Run of 1889.  He donated 40 acres of the property to the Oklahoma government in order that the capitol building could be established there.  The capitol now exists on 10 acres of that land.  The rest of the acreage is used for oil drilling.

When Mr. and Mrs. Harn first moved to the land, there had been a one room house already built on the property.  It had dirt floors, so Mrs. Harn was quite discontent and wanted to move back to Ohio, where they had lived before moving to Oklahoma and where they had buried their only child.  In order to encourage Mrs. Harn to stay, Mr. Harn ordered this home kit from Sears:

Inside the house, we were told that the majority of the furniture had been donated by the 1889er's Society.  Original to the Harn family was one chair and Mr. Harn's desk.

One of the most unique items was this (please tell me what it is called if you know):

In the upstairs bedroom the tour guide had the children pick out the blue and pink pots that were sitting on the floor and asked if they knew the function of the pots.  The guide then told them they were called chamber pots.  Little Pumpkin said, "OH! I know what that is!  It's a toilet!"  I was surprised that she knew what that meant and asked her how she knew.  Her response was, "From Paws and Tales!"

 We were also able to tour the barn located on the homestead:

 We also peaked inside the schoolhouse:

 As well as another home located on the land:

I took the opportunity to capture some portraits of the kids while we were in such a beautiful place and because I think my kids are so cute.

We all enjoyed our time! If you are ever near Oklahoma City, I highly recommend a visit to the Harn Homestead.


  1. It's called a stereoscope viewer! I've never seen one before, apparently it's to give a 3D affect to the photo! Pretty interesting!

    Sounds like a pretty interesting visit though. How did you even find out about the Harn Homestead?

  2. Thanks, Shawn! We used to live around the corner from the Harn Homestead, but we also heard about it through the school because a group of families from there took a field trip. We, sadly, could not go with the rest of the group because we already had a family camping trip planned. We had a lot of fun with just our family though!


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