Friday, March 22, 2013

On Our Curriculum for 2012-2013

We have had a whirlwind year.

Less than a year ago, we sold almost everything we owned and moved back to the States. We moved in with my parents for two months, then into a rent house for three months, and back in with my parents' house for 3 more months before packing all our stuff into a small storage unit or 18 suitcases and heading to Texas for a couple weeks and returning to South Asia in

When we left Nepal, we thought we would be gone from this side of the world for at least a couple of years. Since this is what we were planning, we enrolled our oldest two children in a blended model school which is classical and Christian. The girls went to school two days a week, and we implemented the same curriculum at home the rest of the week. I was also the teacher's assistant in my Kindergartner's class, leaving my youngest at home with Daddy. It was a good situation for us at the time, and we were very blessed to be a part of the school.

Since we had already been using a classical model in our own homeschool, it was not too difficult to adjust to the curriculum of the school. The hardest thing for me to accept was that I had to give up my Math U See replacing it with Saxon. Thankfully it was only for a semester!

When we moved back overseas, we had to rework our curriculum. Obviously, we switched back to Math U See. And I can tell you this is the most I have ever enjoyed homeschooling! I feel like the curriculum the Lord has allowed us to put together is working for us so well. We have also implemented some motivational factors into the kids' work, rewarding them when they work hard without complaining. This has had a significant impact, pushing them to accomplish weeks' worth of work in just a couple of days. And there have been no tears, leaving plenty of time left in the day to play! Such a huge relief for this Momma!

So, since I really enjoy lists, here is a list of what we are using:


* Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
* Sonlight P4/5 (We do the read alouds all together.)
* Get Ready for the Code (Explode the Code series - Sugar Plum really enjoys workbooks and is already in book 2 of Sonlight's Developing the Early Learner, so I got these for extra phonics practice.)
* Random math worksheets printed from the Internet to help with spacial development and number recognition.

Kindergarten/1st Grade

* Phonics Museum (Sweet Pea is finishing up the Kindergarten book and moving into the First Grade book within the next week or two.)
* Writing With Ease
* First Language Lessons
* Math U See Alpha (She just started Alpha today. She nearly completed the Primer just in the last month, and what is remaining is also covered in Alpha. Since she was begging to move up, and I know she can handle it, I went ahead and let her start Alpha.)
* All About Spelling (This is very similar to what they used at school for learning to read, Spell to Read and Write, but with scripted lesson plans.)
* Sonlight Science B (We do this all together.)
* Sonlight Readers 1

1st/2nd Grade

* Phonics Museum 1st Grade (We just finished most of this and have set it aside, opting for more copy work from Sonlight LA, reading Robinson Curriculum books and Sonlight Readers, and spelling with All About Spelling.)
* Sonlight Language Arts 2 (These were revised last year in 2012, and we are using all but the spelling, including the readers.)
* Sonlight Core C read alouds and some history selections (We do these all together.)
* Tapestry of Grace history selections (All together for this too.)
* Robinson Curriculum books
* All About Spelling (with Sweet Pea)
* Sonlight Science B (all together)
* Handwriting Without Tears 3 (cursive)

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  1. Would love to hear/ see more about the motivational stuff you are doing with the kiddos! Also, What are you doing with the little man while the girls study??

    So fun to have you blogging again!!


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