Saturday, March 30, 2013

On Our Easter Lemon Hunt (An Object Lesson)

It was four years ago that we started using lemons instead of eggs for our Easter celebrations.

April 2009

I was organizing Sunday School Easter activities for our community of believers.
Our regular meeting place at the time was on the banks of a holy river, on the ghats, and a private Hindu temple adjacent to the property.

April 2009

Many Hindus are vegetarian.  Eggs contain the potential for life. 
I didn't want to risk offending by hiding boiled eggs on the property.  So I chose to use lemons.

April 2013

And someone (I can't remember who) said, "Lemons work.  Jesus took the lemons of Friday and turned them into lemonade on Sunday."  And we do too.  And when we drink, we remember.  We remember how He suffered, tasted the sourness of our sin.  But on Sunday, He turned all the sour into sweet.  Redeemed it.  Made all things new.



  1. So fun to see how you honor the culture there and make great new traditions!


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