Friday, March 22, 2013

On the Reasons for Our Curriculum Choices for Preschool for 2012-2013

* Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

I had tried The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading. We didn't like it. I thought 100 Easy Lessons was basically the same thing. It's not. I had heard so many others say they used 100 Easy Lessons to teach their children to read that I thought I should give it a try since I had such a hard time finding something that worked for my oldest. I bought it and have been waiting to use it with Sugar Plum. I thought I would wait until she was 5 years old, but she wanted to learn to read because her big sisters were reading. About three weeks ago, even though Sugar Plum is just 4 years old, we started the lessons and she has been soaring with it! We are on lesson 18, and we only do a lesson when she asks for one. I'm not pushing her, though I am rewarding her when she completes a lesson, works hard, and doesn't complain. We skip the writing portion of the lessons because she's doing other activities to develop those muscles and skills, and I don't want to slow her down by adding in the writing - I just want her to read. We are both thrilled with this program!

* Sonlight P4/5

This is my third round with this core, though this is the first time I have had all of the books and consumables since I have just borrowed the core from someone else In the past. I always enjoy reading these books with my preschoolers. The older two sit in on the readings with us. They remember most of the stories from when it was their core, but some of the stories are new to them since I didn't have all of the books back then. Even the stories that they have heard before they are still delighted with. Sugar Plum doesn't always sit still through the readings, but she is always in the room and asks to see the pictures most of the time. Just delightful reading.

* Get Ready for the Code (Explode the Code series)

The older two girls have used these workbooks. Little Pumpkin was not a fan, but I feel like it was good practice for her anyway. She is just not a worksheet kind of gal. Sugar Plum, on the other hand, really enjoys workbooks and within two weeks moved to book 2 of Sonlight's Developing the Early Learner series. So, I got Get Ready for the Code to give her some phonics practice.

* Random math worksheets printed from the Internet to help with spacial development and number recognition.

I've collected free worksheets over the years, including Pre-K math worksheets, and have had them stored on my computer. I know some of them come from Confessions of a Homeschooler's K-4 curriculum, but I'm not sure where I found the others. They are just fun, age appropriate worksheets, games, or activities to help with number recognition and basic addition.


  1. Thanks for posting this! We are praying about homeschool vs public and any insight into curriculum is helpful! I have heard good things about "My Father's World" curriculum. Do you have any experience with that?

  2. Stephanie,
    We used My Father's World in Preschool for a couple weeks. It was a sweet, simple curriculum with the Bible as its core. I know others who have used MFW for many years and have enjoyed it. In the older grades, it is similar to Sonlight in that history is the core with church history interwoven win that. The main differences between Sonlight and MFW are that Sonlight has more books (adding to expense) and MFW arranges their history in a classical way (chronologically and cycles through every 4 years).


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